Monday, April 29, 2013

Make It Or Buy It - Le Pink Princess Pink Rose Girls Dress

Make It or Buy It is a new weekly post I am planning. The idea is to weigh the options of making a particular outfit or article of clothing vs. buying it.

First Up is the Le Pink Princess Pink Rose Girls Dress

Option 1 - Buy It

Store: La Bella Flora Children's Boutique
Price: $88.00
Thoughts: The price point is fairly high for a children's dress, but if it is for a special occasion sometimes the splurge is worth it. From what I was able to discover online, the designers are based out of California, but I can't find where the actual dress is manufactured which makes me a little nervous.  Not that I completely avoid buying anything made in any particular country, but when it is not specifically stated I feel like something is being hidden for a reason. The only other concern I have about buying this dress is that doesn't state what percent polyester it is. Again nothing against polyester, but at that price point the polyester content should be relatively low compared to the cotton.

The positive is that the boutique that actually sells the dress donates a portion of the profits to children's group homes, which is a very worthy cause.

Option 2 - Make It
(fabric price estimated based on one yard unless stated otherwise)

Clara Twirl Dress $7.95

54" Wide Tulle Silk White (2 yards for layering) $2.00
Michael Miller Cotton Couture Broadcloth Soft White $7.48
Michael Miller Cotton Couture Broadcloth Pink $7.48
Bliss Lace Ivory $7.98

1 1/2" White Lace Satin Center Ribbon White(3 yards) $6.00
Pink Satin Rhinestone Flower Appliques $6.99
Gutermann Elastic Thread White $1.59
Fabric scraps for large flowers on bodice

Total : $47.47

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
While the pattern itself is a beginner pattern you will have to apply a few techniques to it that may be tricky for someone who has never sewn before. The back of the original bodice has shirring (which is really much easier than it seems). The ribbon will have to be sewn to the seams on the skirt and the large fabric flowers need to be handmade. There are countless number of tutorials available on all of these techniques just a Google search away.

The Verdict - Make It

This dress can be made for half the price and you will still have fabric left over, plus a great pattern that can be used again and again.

If the original had been handmade or 100% cotton the verdict may have gone the other way  but without the missing information I am not comfortable paying that much even for a special occasion dress.

If you make this dress please let me know so I can link to it!

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