Who I Am and What I Do

I am a woman with a desperate need to create, an insane preoccupation with fashion, and a slight obsession with sew-alongs. I strive to design clothing that the recipient will treasure. I believe that everything in your closet should be your favorite.

If you decide to stick around and subscribe to my blog you can expect:

  • To stay in the know about  upcoming sewing events, pattern releases, and other relevent sewing info
  • Free sewing tips and tutorials for beginner and more experienced sewers
  • A look into my own family's diy closet

Meet My Inspiration

Matthew Age 10
Favorite Color: Don't care as long as it's not pink
Personal Style: Don't care, just give me clothes
Hobbies: Video Games, Bay Blades, Lego's
Interesting Fact: Can eat 7 tacos in one sitting, but still as skinny as a skeleton 

Ashley Age 10
Favorite Color: Rainbow
Personal Style: Tomboy with subtle girly accents
Hobbies: Reading, Dolls, Sports
Interesting Fact: I often ask her how to spell words. I don't know how she does it but she is like a human spelling dictionary. 

Sarah (goes by her middle name Bella) Age 7
Favorite Color: Sparkle 
Personal Style: Ultra Girly Romantic
Hobbies: arts and crafts, barbies, tea parties
Interesting Fact: Uses sewing to overcome dyslexia, by stitching over letters written of fabric and then running her fingers over them to help store the information in a different part of her brain.

If you would like to follow my crazy sewing adventure, expand your knowledge of sewing, and participate in some fun events be sure to follow me.

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