Monday, April 22, 2013

KCW Day One: Jack Frost Hoodie Progress

The kids and I got a chance to watch the new movie Rise of the Guardians a while back, and I have been obsessed with Jack Frost's Hoodie ever since. You can see here where I first sketched out a plan for it. 

I've made a few changes to the plan since then. Mainly, I am drafting a pattern rather than buying one, in an attempt to save both time and money. We'll see if that works out.

I traced a long sleeve t-shirt for the body and arm pieces, and the hood off a zip up hoodie. I just kind of winged the pouch pocket. Its basically a rectangle with a curve thrown in. Not to hard to draft. 

I also added the "prince seams" that make the hoodie so special. I just think it's so amazing that cartoon art has come so far that you can actually see the seams in the clothing!

I finished cutting out the pattern and fabric, except the wrist bands, which I will add at the end.

And finally I got around to sewing. This is where I am at. I still need to make some changes to the neckline, and I am sure that sewing that pocket on is going to be interesting, now that I already sewed up the side seams. I told myself, at least a dozen times, not to forget that, and what do I do? I forget!

Can't wait to pick up again tomorrow.
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