Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring 2013 Dream Fabrics

In a perfect world I would go fabric shopping at least once a week, browse through the isles of gorgeous seasonal fabrics, running my finger tips along the smooth finishes and holding them up to experience their drape. Then I would come home with piles upon piles of vibrant colored silks, wool, and organic Cotton. Maybe even a little bamboo.

But alas, I live in the real world, and here I am bound by a budget and the laws of physics. Not only can I not afford to live that dream, I also have no room for it.

But there is nothing wrong with dreaming, right? So here are a few of the fabrics I have been dreaming about for the spring 2013.

Click the picture or link to see the prices. Or don't, if like me you would rather keep the dream alive!

Dupioni Silk Fabric Iridescent Violet Purple

I see myself wearing this iridescent Dupioni silk as a 3/4 sleeve spring jacket, perhaps while wondering around Paris on a cool spring morning. Oh, it is fun to dream!

Now in this part of the dream I am standing at the edge of the ocean, with the wind blowing my hair perfectly, just like in the movies, not all in my face like real life. My much taller and thinner self is wearing this flowing Oscer de la Renta Organza as a beach cover up. It is shear so that I can show off my perfect dream abs!

Of course after a vacation in Paris and then a trip to the beach I would need to take some time to rest up. Why not sew up some luxurious comfy lounge wear in this dusty mint linen.

Do you ever dream about fabric, or am I as crazy as my family seems to think? Let me know in the comments!
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