Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby Sewing Week - Gift # 1 Versatility

It’s baby sewing week at The Lachman Collection. My sister’s triplets are coming home soon! I’m so excited. While she is busy preparing her house, I will be preparing the gifts.

I've never really enjoyed sewing the same thing twice, let alone three times, so I’ll be making a different gift for each baby. While I’m at it I’ll avoid the color pink, just to give the boys in the house a break.

Reversible Dress from Men's Dress Shirts

Gift # 1 – Versatility

The first of my three gifts is the gift of versatility, an important trait for every girl to have. I’m sure her mother will appreciate it as well. Everyone knows that when you have a baby girl, you have to have a ton of baby dresses. There for when you have 3 baby girls you have to have 3 tons of baby dresses. Imagine if every one of those dresses was reversible. Then you would only need 1.5 tons. That’s much more reasonable.

You can find a free pattern and tutorial for this versatile baby dress here. My version included the following changes.

  • Fabric – Used two men’s dress shirts, rather than fat quarters
  • Bottom – I pressed 5/8 inch of the hem to the inside and applied ric rac to the grey side so that the red stitching would not be visible.
  • Then I sewed another row of ric rac above it because ric rac is adorable.

Reversible Baby Dress from Men's Dress Shirts

Stay tuned all week. I have two more DIY baby projects coming up. Be sure to subscribe because you don’t want to miss it. 

Gift # 2 - Tradition 
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