Thursday, June 27, 2013

July Sewing Events

I sometime think of sew-alongs like a drug addict would think of crack. Sure, too much of a good thing is bad for you, but who cares. Just look at this line up. How could I say no. And if my overflowing fabric stash grows a little bit more, or the kids miss a meal here and there, who's going to notice?

Colette's Hawthorne Sew Along June 26 - July 29

Hawthorn Dress Sewalong

Sarai kicks things off with the Hawthorne sew along. Technically it started yesterday with a post about choosing fabric and starting your muslin. You still have plenty of time to catch up, with another post coming up on the first about fitting, before they get into sewing the actual dress. 

As far as adult patterns go Colette patterns are the Pièce de résistance. 

I copied and pasted that word. Do you really think that I had any clue how to spell that. Besides I don't think my keyboard even has those characters.

Flip This Pattern: Oliver + S Rollerskate Dress

Flip This Pattern

Next up is Flip this pattern with the Oliver and S roller skate dress. This sew along starts on the 1st of the month and entries are do by the 20th. The goal is to change up the pattern, by adding interesting details and then add it to the sew along linky to be judged. Judged sounds so harsh. How about this.

You add it to the sew along linky to be compared and possibly granted prizes.
That sounds much nicer.

Basically Oliver and S do for children's patterns what Colette does for adult patterns. They are the pinnacle (another really cool word "p" word) of the sewing pattern world.

KCW Summer 

And last but not least we have kids clothes week, where we all agree to spend at least one hour a day sewing clothes for our kids and post pictures in the Flikr. Then we all look at each others pictures and ooh and ahh, and get started pinning outfit insperation for the next season.

Okay, it's actually way more fun than I made it sound. I kind of love it.

What sewing adventures do you have planned for July? Are joining any events or flying solo?
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