Tuesday, June 11, 2013

12 Reversible Sewing Projects To Save You Space

Reversible Sewing Patterns

Apparently Somebody in my house thinks that my sewing takes up to much space. And that very same somebody doesn't seem to think that their bajillion (or at least 15) gagety gizmos are taking up just as much space.

But I'm a fair woman. I am willing to compromise. 

Com - pro - mise 
Noun - An incredibly oppressive technique to end an argument, in which both spouses agree to end up a little bit unhappy, also a required element in any marriage that is going to last longer than 3 days.

So our compromise was that we could keep anything that we had room to put away. There are all kinds of ways that "put away" can be interpreted. But in the interest of peace, I'm try to sew up much of my stash before I start "interpreting" the agreement. 

My favorite stash busting projects are reversible because they use up twice as much fabric, but the finished product only takes up the space of one. 

I thought I'd share some of my favorite reversible stash busting projects with you, just in case you ever need to ... compromise.

Free Sewing Projects
Reversible Sewing Patterns

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