Saturday, March 30, 2013

What Inspires You?

What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration for writing, crafting, and self improvement projects?

For me the most obvious answer is Pinterest. I love that site, but it's not the only place I find inspiration.

My children are getting older and starting to develop their own style. Many of my projects are inspired by looking at the things they love.

I am also a sucker for a good challenge. The Project Run and Play challenges and others like it, are to a seamstress what writing prompts are to a writer. In fact this post was inspired by a ProBlogger group writing project.

Where does your inspiration come from?


  1. Actually, for me it's often when I do something else that I get inspiration. Going for a run, a walk in the woods, listening to music, reading, etc.. Or sometimes getting drunk might work too :)

  2. I agree. Sometimes when I try to hard to find inspiration my brain just shuts down, but as soon as I do something relaxing like taking a walk in the woods the ideas start flowing again. As far as getting drunk, I have to keep it to just a drink or two, otherwise I'm likely to forget all of my great ideas by morning. lol

  3. I get a lot of inspiration from just walking and taking my time.

    I tend to have my most inspiring moments when I am just enjoying the outdoors. That is one of the reason why I have a pen and paper with me all the time.

  4. Generally almost anything has the power to inspire me, but I have to agree it happens mostly on pinterest/internet and with songs or movies.
    But can I confess something really silly?
    I have the greatest ideas when I'm in the bathroom!!! XD

    (Found you through Problogger, hi!)


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