Thursday, May 23, 2013

Quick Summer Tops

I am really good at making plans. Not so great at following through. I made a lot of plans for this month.

In the month of May I wanted to:

  • Sew along with all four weeks of Project Sewn
  • Make two outfits for the Knock It Off Sew Along
  • Finish a complete summer outfit for every member of the family
  • Sew three baby blankets for the triplets.
  • Finish two doll skirts and possibly matching shirts

Simple, right? I should be able to get them done with plenty of time to spare.

Oh crap, I just remembered. I don’t have super powers.

What’s a mere mortal supposed to do when they realize the month is 2/3 of the way over and she’s not even half way done with her list? Oh yea, cheat.

Ashley pinned this photo of a denim tie front tank top from DKNY a little while back, and my favorite pattern shop  just happened to release a pattern that would work well for recreating it.

So I got the first Knock it off project done, and summer tops for both the girls in one swoop.

More about the Tank Tops

Pattern: Hattie Button Up Tank Top 
Fabric: Denim and Medium Weight Animal Print Twill.
Pattern Alterations:
  • Skipped the ruffle on both
  • Added One inch length to both
  • Skipped the bias tape on the denim version. My machine just couldn’t handle it.

I automatically add an inch to the length to any Peek A Boo Pattern I use for my daughters. They are such skinny little waifs, my girls.

I like that I am so comfortable with a pattern company that I know exactly what changes will need to be made before I even start to sew.

If you are planning to sew the Hattie Tank Top  pattern make sure you take a look at the Susie Sundress as well. It's half price today only.  The half price sale is over for this week, but don't worry, she puts a different pattern on sale every Thursday!
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