Monday, April 7, 2014

Wardrobe Planning Spring 2014

I've been grabbing every spare second I can to get some sewing done this week, but sadly I still have nothing to show you. In the meantime I do have some wardrobe plans to share with you.

I use wardrobe planning to help me decide what to sew, and what to buy. The ultimate goal is to develop a functional wardrobe that reflects my own personal style.

First up is my own Spring Wardrobe. I've been following along with The Colleterie's Wardrobe Architech Series. Below are the results of weeks worth of planning. 

To Buy: 
  • Black Velvet Flats
  • Mint Sneakers
  • Cream Art Sneakers or Sandles
  • Oatmeal Crocheted Cardigan
  • Princess Seam Denim Jacket
  • Cuffed Denim Capri 
  • Aqua V-Neck Tee (I could make it, but I really love the one I picked out)
To Make:
  • Ombre or Tie Dye Hoodie
  • Extra Large Print Sheath Dress
  • Black Lace Embellished Camisole 
  • Dark Blue Open Knit Hoodie
  • Red Short Sleeve Wrap Top
  • Aqua Camisole
  • Aqua Trumpet Mini Skirt (My favorite!)
  • Red Cuffed Shorts
  • Denim Cuffed Shorts
  • Black Wrap Dress
It seems like a lot of new pieces to add to a wardrobe in a single season, but I actually own very little that I love to wear, so I need a lot. Of course I probably won't get half through the list by the end of the season, but it is a place to start. 

I also designed a Spring Wardrobe for each of the girls. In the past I have had the girls pin items that the liked to there Lookbooks on Pinterest and used them to find inspiration when sewing for them. 

This time I took a slightly different approach. I had them each spend a day browsing the internet for their favorite things, an activity they both loved. They clipped hundreds of  items they liked to their own Polyvore collection. Then they were each able to pick one favorite item that would definitely be in their finished set. I used that piece as a starting point for their wardrobe and edited down there picks and added a few of my own ideas to make a complete collection.

Let's start with my girly girl Bella. Her wardrobe includes a lot of white, which makes me nervouse for a girl who loves to play in the mud. We'll have to save those pieces for special occasions.

To Buy:
  • Aqua Sandles
  • Tan Cowgirl Boots (Her Favorite)
To Make:

  • White lace trimmed Cardigan
  • Pink Blazer with White Trim
  • Purple Ballerina Wrap
  • Aqua A line T shirt
  • Feather and Leather Pony Tie
  • Pink Ruffle Tank - completed
  • White Tank with Pastel Print
  • White Camisole with Pink Lace Trim
  • Purple Twirl Skirt
  • White Capri with Aqua Ruffles or Bows
  • Floral Shorts - completed
  • Tan Equestrienne Leggings
  • Purple Flowy Ruffly Dress

And Finally Ashley. She chose a girly punk rock style, with lots of animal prints. Since She doesn't wear dresses I added a few extra accessories to her wardrobe to dress it up a bit. 

To Buy:

  • Leopard Print Flats
  • Silver Sandles
  • Unicorn Cuff Bracelet 
To Make:
  • Open Knit Mint Crop Top
  • Mint Panda High Low Top (Ashley's Favorite, might be moved to they buy list)
  • Mint or Purple Slouchy Cardigan 
  • Black Open Knit Top
  • Simple Purple Fitted Tee
  • Black and Leopard Heart Tank with Ruffles
  • Purple or Black Camisole
  • Zebra Print Yoga Capri
  • Black Sequence Shorts
  • Leopard Print Leggings
  • Black Harem Pants
  • Purple and Silver Fold Over Elastic Hair Ties
  • Silver Hand Bag
So that's it for the girls in our family. I have never done any wardrobe planning for the boys, mostly because they don't have (or want) a defined style. I might attempt it in the future, but for now I'll just stick to planning for the girls. 

Have you ever planned out your sewing for the season, or do you just sew what feel like making as you go along? If you have planned do you find it easy or difficult to stick to your plan?
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